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Abella Danger: A Rising Star With a $12 Million Net Worth

abella danger net worth

Abella Danger Impressive Earnings

Abella Danger: A Rising Star With a $12 Million Net Worth. Her primary income source is her videos, earning her an estimated $3 million annually. In addition to her video work, Abella performs dance routines at top clubs, charging a hefty $20,000 per night.

The Journey to Financial Success

Abella began her acting career in 2014 at the age of 18. Her first video, a three-day shoot, earned her $5,000. With her talent and rising popularity, she quickly became one of the industry’s most sought-after actresses within a year. Consequently, her earnings rose rapidly to $100,000 per video. Today, she charges $250,000 for a single-day shoot and $400,000 for a two-day shoot.

Investments in Personal Enhancements

Abella has invested significantly in various surgeries over the years. She is a long-time client of renowned surgeon Terry Dubrow.

Detailed Breakdown of Abella Danger Wealth

Category Details
Net Worth $12 Million
Monthly Income $260,000
Salary per Video $400,000
Luxury Watches 20+
Monthly Expenditure $100,000
Height 1.63 meters (5′ 3″)
Weight 130 lbs (59 kg)

Abella Danger Luxurious Car Collection

Abella first major car purchase was a Mercedes E-Class, costing over $80,000. Recently, she added a Rolls-Royce Ghost to her collection for $490,000. Additionally, she has gifted her father a BMW X5 and her mother a Lexus.

Interesting Facts About Abella Danger

Unlike many in her profession, Abella entered the industry not due to financial struggles but out of a fascination for fame. Her father was a successful contractor, ensuring her family was financially stable. In interviews, Abella has shared that the lure of fame and the significant money in the industry drew her in. Initially earning $100,000 per video, her demands soon escalated to $500,000 for a two-day shoot.

Abella Danger’s journey from a newcomer to a top earner in the industry showcases her dedication and strategic career choices. Her story is a testament to her drive for success and financial independence.


Abella Danger: A Rising Star With a $12 Million Net Worth is a remarkable story of ambition and strategic career moves. Starting her career at just 18, she quickly rose to prominence through talent, dedication, and a keen understanding of her industry’s potential. Her earnings reflect not only her popularity but also her savvy business decisions. From luxurious car purchases to significant investments in personal enhancements, Abella’s lifestyle is a testament to her success. Her story is unique because it wasn’t driven by financial necessity; rather, it was fueled by a fascination with fame and the opportunities it presented. Abella Danger continues to be a significant figure in her industry, inspiring many with her journey from a promising newcomer to a top-earning star.

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