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Marissa Shipman: The Woman Behind Andre Hakkak Success

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A Transformative Journey Begins

In the vibrant city of Reno, Nevada, a woman named Marissa Shipman set out on a journey that would change her life forever and leave a lasting impact on the beauty industry. This is the story of Marissa, the wife of Andre Hakkak, and the incredible path they have walked together.

Discovering Marissa Shipman

Who is Marissa Shipman?

Marissa Shipman, a formidable entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Balm Cosmetics. Born in New York City, she attended Tulane University before venturing into television production. However, her passion for cosmetics led her to leave her job, cut some personal ties, and head west to California. In 2004, she launched theBalm Cosmetics, a brand known for its premium, multi-functional makeup products free of harmful chemicals and cruelty-free. Today, Marissa resides in San Francisco with her family, continuing to innovate in the beauty industry.

The Dynamic Duo: Marissa and Andre

The Power Couple

Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak are more than just a married couple; they are a powerhouse duo in their respective industries. Andre Hakkak is the CEO and co-founder of White Oak Global Advisors, a global investment firm established in 2007. Together, Marissa and Andre have made significant strides in their fields, inspiring many with their dedication, resilience, and mutual support.

Their First Meeting

The couple’s journey began at a prestigious tech conference in 2012, where their shared passion for innovation sparked an instant connection. Their relationship quickly blossomed, culminating in marriage in 2015. Their common goals and drive to excel and innovate brought them together, marking the beginning of a powerful partnership both personally and professionally.

Living the Luxe Life

A Glimpse into Their Lifestyle

Marissa and Andre live a life of luxury and success in the United States. In 2020, they made headlines by purchasing a stunning Gables Estates mansion for $13.6 million. This two-story Coral Gables property boasts six bedrooms, nine full bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms, set on a nearly two-acre lot with expansive outdoor spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Andre Hakkak’s wife?

Andre Hakkak’s wife is Marissa Shipman, the founder and CEO of Balm Cosmetics.

Do they have children?

The couple has not shared details about their children.

What is her background?

Marissa Shipman was born in New York City and attended Tulane University. She transitioned from a career in television production to founding the Ball Cosmetics in California.

What is her influence on Andre Hakkak’s life and career?

Marissa is a significant source of support and wisdom for Andre, providing encouragement as he navigates the complexities of the financial world.

How do Andre Hakkak and his wife prioritize fitness and well-being?

The couple prioritizes fitness and well-being through regular workouts, healthy dietary habits, and mindfulness practices.

Where do they live?

Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman currently reside in San Francisco. They also own a mansion in Gables Estates, purchased in 2020.


The story of Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak is a testament to ambition, resilience, and mutual support. Both have achieved remarkable success in their careers and continue to inspire many with their journey. As they move forward, one can’t help but wonder what new heights this power couple will reach next.