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Who Is Ceedee Lamb Girlfriend?

ceedee lamb girlfriend

Introduction to Ceedee Lamb

Ceedee Lamb girlfriend, born Cedarian DeLeon, is a celebrated wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys and hails from Louisiana. Since being the 17th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Lamb has made a significant impact in the league. Early in his career, he set a record by making 10 catches for over 150 yards in three consecutive games, drawing comparisons to NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin.

Beyond his athletic prowess, Lamb has gained attention for his association with a social media personality, leading to a memorable social media moment. Let’s delve into the story of Ceedee Lamb’s girlfriend and the famous phone incident.

The Infamous Phone Incident

During the NFL Draft, Ceedee Lamb girlfriend hosted a watch party with his family while fielding calls from his management team on two phones. His girlfriend, seated beside him, attempted to take one of his phones while he was on a call with his agent. Lamb quickly reclaimed the phone, shaking his head in response to his girlfriend’s actions. This brief interaction was captured on video and quickly went viral, sparking a flurry of memes and fan reactions. The woman at the center of this incident is Crymson Rose.

Who is Crymson Rose?

Crymson Rose and Ceedee Lamb both attended Oklahoma University, where Lamb played football and Rose played basketball. Before dating Lamb, Rose was reportedly in a relationship with Trae Young, another OU athlete. Rose became close to Lamb and his inner circle during their time together. Her appearance at the NFL Draft made her a notable figure in pop culture, though it also allegedly contributed to the couple’s breakup. Both Lamb and Rose have clarified that the phone incident was not due to any mistrust or infidelity. Despite this, the couple parted ways, and Rose has moved on with a new relationship.

Life After the Split

Crymson Rose has garnered over 32,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube, where she shares content about her travels, fashion, beauty, and personal life. Her posts depict a joyful and serene lifestyle. Recently, Rose has been seen with a man named Antonio, an American MMA fighter, who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. As for Ceedee Lamb, he appears to be single at the moment. We wish both Lamb and Rose success and happiness in their personal and professional lives.

What is the net worth of CeeDee Lamb?

Aspect Details
Net Worth $25 million
Base Salary for 2024 $17.991 million
NFL Team Dallas Cowboys
Contract Duration 4 years
Total Contract Value $14.01 million
Signing Bonus $7.749 million
Endorsements Visa, Chime, Vertiball, Lowe’s, Panini America, Pizza Hut
Monthly Income $150,000+
Yearly Income $2 million+


The relationship and subsequent breakup between Ceedee Lamb and Crymson Rose captured public interest, largely due to a brief but viral moment during the NFL Draft. While the incident sparked much online discussion, both individuals have moved forward with their lives. Crymson Rose continues to share her adventures and maintain her presence on social media, while Ceedee Lamb focuses on his promising football career. Despite the public nature of their split, both seem to be thriving in their respective paths, showcasing resilience and personal growth. We wish them both continued success and happiness.

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