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Justin Fields’ Love Life: Who’s His Girlfriend?

justin fields girlfriend

Georgia native and Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields, has been making headlines both on and off the field. With his remarkable achievements and contributions to causes such as epilepsy awareness, which he has been passionate about since his diagnosis in high school, Fields continues to attract attention. While his professional journey is well-documented, many are curious about his personal life. So, who is Justin Fields girlfriend? Here’s what we know.

Justin Fields: A Private Persona

Fields, a standout in college football and a leading Heisman Trophy candidate ended his collegiate career on a high note with an undefeated season. Since joining the Chicago Bears, he has showcased his exceptional skills, finishing his second season with over 1,000 rushing yards, drawing comparisons to legends like Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson. However, unlike his football stats, Fields keeps his dating life under wraps. He was recently seen attending a teammate’s wedding in Turks & Caicos with Instagram model and influencer, Giana Carmona.

Justin Fields’ Net Worth in 2024

Category Details
Net Worth in 2024 $15 million
Former Team Chicago Bears
Current Team Pittsburgh Steelers
Position Backup Quarterback (QB)
Notable Achievements One of the most promising talents in the NFL
Focus of Post Justin Fields’ net worth in 2024


Meet Giana Carmona: The Instagram Model Linked to Fields

Giana Carmona, an Instagram model, influencer, and avid traveler, boasts a following of over 40,000 on Instagram and TikTok. Her social media profiles, particularly her TikTok bio, reflect a fun-loving lifestyle. Despite the public appearance at the wedding, neither Fields nor Carmona have confirmed any romantic involvement. The lack of further sightings and interactions has left fans speculating about their relationship status.

Rumors of a New Relationship: Have Fields Moved On?

Speculation about Fields’ love life intensified when an unnamed source revealed that he is now dating Yessica Cheyenne. Allegedly, Fields gifted Cheyenne a dog, adding fuel to the rumors. Coinciding with Fields’ uncertain NFL future, Cheyenne posted a celebratory image of her dog, Skyler, on her Twitter feed, hinting at a connection between them. Fans noticed that Skyler’s middle name might be Justin, further linking the dog to Fields.

Introducing Yessica Cheyenne: Fields’ Alleged New Flame

Yessica Cheyenne, who refers to herself as “God’s Favorite” on social media, is an Instagram model and businesswoman. Her online presence includes photos of her attending sports events, traveling, and promoting skincare products through her venture, JC Skin and Co. Despite some deleted tweets, Cheyenne remains active on Twitter. While the relationship is yet to be officially confirmed, fans are eager to learn more about her and her connection to Fields.

Conclusion: Wishing Them Well

As Justin Fields navigates his promising NFL career and personal life, fans are keen to support him both on and off the field. Whether with Giana Carmona, Yessica Cheyenne, or someone else, we hope Fields finds happiness and success in all aspects of his life.


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